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09/28, 2010 12:53PM jossssKuratko 7 posts

it possible add new command

(sth like
!resetworld yes
!resetworld no

- vote command, for players (who are login)

for restart and gen. new world map

vote condition
only in case when nobody has CValue > number (ex.: 10k)
map running time is more then one month?
1player = 1vote for exec
2players = 2vote for exec
3players = 2vote for exec
4players = 3vote for exec
5players = 4vote for exec
6players = 4vote for exec
7players = 5vote for exec
nplayers = Round(0,7n+1/(4+n));
12/28, 2010 11:28AM Wakoo 49 posts
That's not a bad idea, but that will need some test, but we allready got a huge pile of "TODO", I will add it to low priority stuff to do !
12/29, 2010 01:30AM UA TRANS 27 posts
I am not agree with that idea.
Usually players don't like too hard maps...
So they can use this command.
I do believe that we can use this rule but with applying veto
"if only the one player does not want to change map - the world will stay as is"
12/31, 2010 09:51AM jossssKuratko 7 posts
i already think about that...

1 player start with start date... and build something...
after Xmonth/years comes 2 players and tray to "resetworld"

then the "vote condition" comes to say result

it the 1st player has not CV ... it can be reseted...
+2players must vote for ..

see the vote condition and design the values instead "not agree"

Wakoo: np, let me know, i will try help you with testing - if i can