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12/17, 2010 06:57PM ZaphodBee 5 posts
Is this ok to do? If not I think it should be explicitly stated as one of the rules. [img][/img]
12/17, 2010 07:58PM Wakoo 49 posts
It's an exploit to raise the company rating on the station to get an (unfair) advantage on other station with the same goods. So it's uncompetitive, and is forbiden (same as train that keep leaving station) and come back(next, next, turn, it's also against the rules)
12/17, 2010 07:59PM rubinho 10 posts
Yeah. I saw that too.

I think it is against the rules.

Upon a closer look I really find that there is no rules that states it directly though.

Ed, should that rule not be changed into: no one-way vehicles?


12/18, 2010 06:59AM SemiLex 6 posts
Yes!? And what others do???
NewSkillSystem.pdf: NewSkillSystem documentation paper, 27 downloads.
12/18, 2010 12:04PM Wakoo 49 posts
Please note that this was a general answer, not a particular attack against you SemiLex... And doing something against the rules, because another person did at some point doesn't make it ok. And I'm sad to see the guy you pointed out exploit too...
12/29, 2010 01:25AM UA TRANS 27 posts
I wrote about it in subject "rules are not for everyone".

We should make a decision to stop that wars...
It appeared only in December... I have never seen it before in OTTD when all efforts of one player are against the other player.
Ok I saw it only once... But it was few motnhes ago or more than six mothes ago BUT ONLY ONCE