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11/02, 2009 03:40PM acoma 3 posts
what i have to do to become an admin ?
got tired of ppl destroying game, not resepecting rules etc
used to be admin on Kurts server...
thx for reply
11/03, 2009 01:30PM Hassan 4 posts
Acoma has my vote for becoming ingame moderator.

11/03, 2009 05:11PM JStaxton 162 posts
mine too! Thx for helping acoma!
11/03, 2009 08:18PM Wakoo 49 posts
There weren't a call for a vote, we will check all the ingame chat log tonight. First we are against putting to much moderator it's a competition server(for now), and second you are not supposed to be neutral, we actually trust JStaxton, if none of us are ingame, please use the forum, if someone win a large amount of point or a win by exploit we will ban right away, but your post doesn't help us at all. It can look like slow process and it is, but we are very far from "all game ruined" for now, but we may enlarge our moderator group in the near futur with the expansion of the server.

We will consider an "anti destroying town" mechanic, or even a "report" command, but please use the forum for any futur problem !
11/04, 2009 12:31AM acoma 3 posts
oki, understand that solving problems ex post also work...but not fot the people whose company had been ruined by some xxx :)
but no problem, your server :)
11/05, 2009 08:36AM Wakoo 49 posts
I didn't said we werent looking for another admin, but since there are only like 20 regular player right now, we don't need another one.