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01/04, 2011 01:39PM Wakoo 49 posts
Here are some common question about the server:
[b]Is it normal if the server is password protected ?[/b]
It's a safety measure to avoid some of the annoying bug of the old version, until the bot successfully join and monitor the game, the game is password protected, just wait for 2-5s, and retry to join, it should no longer be password protected.

[b]Why are the aircraft fine ?[/b]
-The noise system is enabled, it means you have to build your airport far from your city. (Unless you build a small airport at the city range BUT that will increase (very importantly) the chances the aircraft will crash on landing if he is too large for the airport)
-The crash are enabled(see point above)
-Their running speed are divided by 4 on the server, means 4km/h of an aircraft = 1km/h of any other transport.
-Their running cost is multiplied by 4, making them a lot more expensive to use.
-Any spot flat enough to support an airport are rare.
-The exploit that could be use with the CV no longer exist since the objective is based on CP.
-We tested it, and it's balanced in a way that require some skill to chose to get aircraft or not, it can just be a sunk of money if not used properly.

[b]Ok then, what is the correct size for an airport according to the aircraft size ?[/b]
The 951km/h max speed aircraft are large, and the 474km/h one are small.