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01/04, 2011 05:37AM Chuck 16 posts
Hi folks,

FYI: seems to be a problem on the server this morning. It's saying the server is password protected.

01/04, 2011 10:00AM Wakoo 49 posts
We are currently updating the server, so it was locked during the night for testing purpose, I will manually remove so you guys can play until we finish our update.

Thanks for your understanding.
01/30, 2011 11:06AM Mutant 13 posts
server seems to be offline...
dunno if its an update again.
01/30, 2011 01:52PM JStaxton 162 posts
I just restarted the game server after I checked if Wakoo or Ed are online. Thats not the case so I thought there is no update...

have fun
01/31, 2011 12:39PM Mutant 13 posts
thanks ... but server is gone again on monday :(
01/31, 2011 05:24PM JStaxton 162 posts
Ed is informed about the problem...

I restarted the server again.
Have fun

01/31, 2011 05:55PM Mutant 13 posts
thank u :D

but now there is a griefer :(

update: griefer gone ... but server too