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06/01, 2010 12:39AM jossssKuratko 7 posts
i see kind of bug here..... player "LeAhcim" like to use it..

buy train in depo near the Loading point...
...train go to destination and after unload to depo
and sold it...

...Buy new one in Loading point.....

(some servers has rule, that not possible sold train (one year old && has some profit)

(sry for en):D
06/01, 2010 01:12AM JStaxton 162 posts
Hello jossssKuratko,

you are correct, thats forbidden on our server too! the rules clearly say that. (ingame command !rules)
We have no, server script that prevents players from doing so...
I'll talk to the aforementioned player and give him a warning.

Thanks for reporting.


Edit: I talked to Leachim, he explained, the situation. I warned him not to use 1-way-trains under any circumstances (especially the beginning), as thats part of the "hard goal" philosophy.