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04/06, 2010 07:42PM donclaude 7 posts
yesterday server was down and i updated to 1.0.0
I dont like the new optic, but i think when you played some time it doestn matter.
What you think? Server must be update to 1.0.0 or stand on 0.7.5?
04/07, 2010 10:32PM Ed le fou 161 posts

Actually i just finished the update to 1.0.0


Ed le fou.
04/08, 2010 10:24AM Chuck 16 posts
I updated to 1.0 last night to keep compatable with the server.

The UI is quite different and takes a little getting used to but there are some really nice new features too. Progress is good but it seems there are a few bugs.

Last night i had no problem starting a company but I Know JSaxton had problems starting a company. This morning I cannot start a company either - it just returns me to spectators immediatley when I try. Then a few seconds later i get kicked from the server and end up back on the OTTD startup splash page.

Please help.
04/09, 2010 01:05PM Leahcim 2 posts
I had the same probs... every time i'd create Company the server kicks me back in the spectator-position. Waiting 10 > minutes brings no results - logged or not.
What can I do?
04/10, 2010 09:35AM acoma 3 posts
i had the same problem this morning too while yesterday I had no problem starting new comp..
04/10, 2010 01:35PM Leahcim 2 posts
My solution proposal:
on login and with Strg+C copy the login code in the clipboard
As spectator join to the play, Chat line with Enter open and with Strg+V insert the login code - not yet Enter press!
Now select: new company found & immediately afterwards Enter (login it is confirmed). Functions up to now without problems...

Mein Lösungsvorschlag für das LoginProblem:
Auf dieser Homepage den login-Code mit Str+C in die Zwischenablage kopieren
Als Zuschauer ins Spiel gehen
Die Textzeile mit Enter öffnen & den Code mit Str+V einfügen - Noch nicht Enter drücken!
Jetzt "Neue Firma" auswählen und sofort Enter drücken.
Funktioniert bis jetzt wunderbar...

04/11, 2010 06:32PM Ed le fou 161 posts
Thank you Leahcim,

This scenario will help me to correct the bug !

Ed le fou.