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11/18, 2011 07:01AM JStaxton 162 posts
Hi folks,

I had an idea again. I thought about the the scenario time period we are playing in all the maps. its fixed so every players starts to get very sure about when to use what train, what cargo etc. But I think, mixing it up would be a great benefit.

my proposal: make the start year random between 1950 and 1975. E.g.: Start 1959 in Temperate or 1973 in Desert. So the 10years we are playing are always different.

What do you think?
11/23, 2011 12:10PM Ed le fou 161 posts

I like the idea to randomize the game.
My only concern is: How to make a constant difficulty between the differents games without making them indentic.

I will look into that.

11/25, 2011 07:15PM JStaxton 162 posts
These games are already different! HighSpeed scenario is the easiest by far, thus you get more points. so randomizing it between the hardest map (imho desert) and highspeed would be a good thing.

11/29, 2011 12:22AM Wakoo 49 posts
Different starting date would imply some really difficult choice to balance the games. Basically the later you start, the easier the game is. That's why we made 2 different mode for steam and high speed, and the high speed *should* have tougher rules.
11/30, 2011 06:37PM JStaxton 162 posts
I think there is no real balance. The hard goal server rules are quite good, I think. Now when there are some easier games, so be it. These games are never the same difficulty due to the random industry/map layout.
I guess people will play anyways - it doesnt matter, if its a bit more difficult. Even if some players wont play the "hardest" games it wont be much of a deal because some people will face the challenge.


ps.: maybe killing toyland is an option worth discussing, too? :)