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01/07, 2011 04:12AM zel25b 3 posts

Builds many useless stations at end of the game. I think its cheating score and unfair.

Sorry for screen size(800kb) :)
01/07, 2011 09:50AM Wakoo 49 posts
If he enjoys it, the station are counted only if they are used.
01/07, 2011 02:28PM ShagNBuD 21 posts
hahahahaha yeah i thought he would no that the game was already over...IDIOT
01/07, 2011 02:32PM ShagNBuD 21 posts
this is how i win by spamming stations in middle of desert...seriously come on lmao
01/07, 2011 05:06PM zel25b 3 posts
No need to lie, the station had been built before the end of the game
Moderators will punish him for his insults?
01/07, 2011 08:10PM Ed le fou 161 posts

Game over or not, useless station don't give any score at all. OpenTTD checks if the station as been used during the last 3 months before the company performance evaluation.

We have tested that. Anyway, stay friendly, and the next time. Try to draw something funny on the map.

01/07, 2011 09:06PM ShagNBuD 21 posts
mate look at this guy trying get me banned for insults now....get it in ya learn how to play,and its a fkn game stop being such a cock wrangler maybe if u had enough disposable income from ya crappy company u could build some stupid stations too.... btw im well aware they dont count i was just messing around
01/07, 2011 09:07PM ShagNBuD 21 posts
and i was trying to do something funny but he didnt show the finished product
01/07, 2011 09:13PM ShagNBuD 21 posts
maybe next time you could talk to me in the in person instead of coming on the forum saying im a cheat and expecting me not to get offended and say your a complete dickhead