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01/04, 2011 12:21PM Wakoo 49 posts
[size=18]Here is the detail on how the company performance formula work:[/size]

[b]Vehicles[/b] [color=orange]100 points[/color]:
120 vehicles in operation, this objective requires you to diversify the services you build. Hint: As far as TTD is concerned, one road vehicle is equivalent to one train, even if one is much, much cheaper to build. very easy to get with road vehicle.

[b]Stations[/b] [color=orange]100 points[/color]:
80 station parts Here, a "part" refers to each bus stop, airport, platform, etc., even if several are combined into one station.

[b]Min. Profit[/b] [color=orange]100 points[/color]:
20,000 EUR minimum profit for all vehicles. Very hard to get with road vehicle, easy go get with train.

[b]Min. Income[/b] [color=orange]50 points[/color]:
100,000 EUR minimum operating profit for all of the last 12 months.

[b]Max. Income[/b] [color=orange]100 points[/color]:
200,000 EUR minimum operating profit for at least one quarter out of the last 12 months.

[b]Delivered[/b] [color=orange]400 points[/color]:
40,000 units of cargo delivered during the span of the last four quarters. This objective is worth 40% of your total rating, so it's important to meet this one if you want a high score. To increase your delivered cargo, you'll need more services, faster vehicles, and more efficient layouts. It would also be nice if several industries increased their production, but unfortunately you have little control over that.

[b]Cargo[/b] [color=orange]50 points[/color]:
8 different types of cargo delivered during the last quarter This is trickier to achieve than you might think. You have to transport, and successfully deliver, eight different cargo types during the past quarter.

[b]Money[/b] [color=orange]50 points[/color]:
20 million EUR cash on hand. Don't count on that.

[b]Loan[/b] [color=orange]50 points[/color]:
250,000 EUR maximum loan So, if you are borrowing £250,000 or more, you won't get any points for this. Otherwise, if you have a smaller loan, or don't have any debt, then you get all 50 points.

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