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01/02, 2011 06:10AM Michael Milligan 24 posts
Hi everyone!

New here. Quick question. None of my vehicles seem to go in for maintenance here? What setting should I change on my end? off line I don't use breakdowns because I think think that they really add anything to the game. So could I have something wrong or is it a feature here?

01/02, 2011 07:41AM JStaxton 162 posts
You want to have no breakdowns at all for your vehicles on our server?

I'm afraid thats not possible. The breakdown setting is a global one on the server. Only the admins can change that. But as it is seen as a realistic and good feature they remain in the game, you have to count them in when planning on new routes or trains.

I hope this answers your question

01/02, 2011 08:26AM Michael Milligan 24 posts
I meant to ask...

How do I get my trains to go to depot for maintenance? All my train's reliability go to zero and the trains never go to depot automatically. :(

01/02, 2011 08:35AM JStaxton 162 posts
normally they will go automatically in the depot.

If not, its almost always the signal layout on your tracks. Check that first. Critical are path based signals.

If everything fails you can try the following:
1. set the order "go to depot" manually by selecting the depot as a target for the order list
2. build your track so that the train must go into the depot

Hope that helps

ps. Check out the for more info
01/02, 2011 08:38AM Michael Milligan 24 posts
Ok, thankyou. That means the problem is MY settings :(

I know signals. I will goto depot if I can't fix.

Hope it fixes.

play on!
01/02, 2011 10:21AM Wakoo 49 posts
You can also increase the frequency the train will want to go to the depot in the detailed view of the train.