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12/12, 2010 01:39PM Chuck 16 posts
Dear admins and fellow gamers,

The practice of stealing secondary produce without supplying any primary supplies, whilst not outlawed in the server rules, is considered pretty low in terms of strategy by most players. Most decent players on this server consider it uncool and will not attack others resources until maybe they have been stolen from (when retaliation often occurs). I am assuming that this is what most think and I would welcome opinion from all admins & gamers in this regard. as there are only a few people who have no regard for that understanding and continue to steal secondary produce (correctly) quoting rule #10 as they do it.

The thing is the intent of Rule #10. I feel that rule #10 considers (or at least should consider) only primary industries. The gentlemanly thing has become to not take other players seconadry goods unless contributing to the manufacture of such secondary goods, But this seems to be a 'grey area' that causes quite a lot of strife on the server.

I would urge you Ed to please urgently consider the inclusion of a ruling specifically covering secondary production theft. If it is stated clearly in the rules then there can be no cause for further problems.

My personal vote is to ban the theft of seconary produce unless the player is conrtributing to the prodcution as well, but even if that s not the rule decided on, I would suggest that there is specific mention of this in the rules to avoid confusion and fighting amongst players.

Ed - You rock! You guys provide a fantastic server - I love it - Thank you so much.

12/13, 2010 07:04PM rubinho 10 posts

Okay, here's my opinion on this. You are perfectly right. Stealing secondary goods is not the coolest thing in the world to do.


Firstly, It's a competition server. So generally, competition should not be stymied.

Secondly, if you provide an industry with primary goods, you profit off of that - regardless of whether or not somebody decides to transport the secondary goods produced. You could always use the resources you have to transport the secondary goods yourself.

Thirdly, even though secondary goods trade at a much higher value, the person "stealing" the goods can only profit to the extent that the player transporting the primary goods delivers. By the rules of natural competition, you would simply stop delivering goods to that industry and the "thief" is hosed.

The only problem is that if you start by supplying an industry that produces secondary goods, someone who has been playing for a while and has the financial resources can exploit you. But then again, he could do that by starting traditional competition with you too.

So all in all, I can totally see you point, but in my opinion the rule which you are calling for should not be introduced.

Generally, most players have always played in a very fair and respectful way. I have never seen anyone bending the rules in an unfair way.

No better server than this one !
12/18, 2010 12:16PM Wakoo 49 posts
I was once against a guy that tried to take my goods I created from oil, I just stopped my industry, sold my train and went somewhere else, you are not "stolen" since you got paid from primary goods delivrery, and that doesn't make you owner of any of the industry.

It's all about a matter of courtesy, if you want to stick to some "honor code" that imply you wont take secondary goods of someone else, it's good for you, but if someone does it to you, nothing stop you from hitting him back on his goods, the goods you made, or his primary industry ! It's all about competition and performance, and as long as you don't exploit to compete, that's fine. Actually when someone take a coal mine(like everyone do in every single game) no one take it from him, it's all about karma if some player want to be the pain on the ass and try to bother other player by the competition, he can(and I insist as long as he don't break the rules like some of the player do on the server).

12/29, 2010 01:14AM UA TRANS 27 posts
There are wars between players starting on servers... so I am against any stealing...
Ecspeciall of secondary goods... You looks like donkey when working for route by 5$ per km
and someone else loves you in "one place" and deliver product after your effort by 7$ per km
12/29, 2010 01:14AM UA TRANS 27 posts
But there is one problem... When you have a limited quantity of industries to deliver
you primary cargo... But anyway it can be solved...
12/29, 2010 09:44AM SemiLex 6 posts
:lol: :lol: :lol:
Chuck, are you in good mind??? :lol: Only yesterday YOU were stealing my secondary resources without doing anything other ABSOLUTELY! :P :!:
But i'm not angry on you for that. :wink:
01/05, 2011 01:02AM NZxNewbie 3 posts
This will be divided by two things.

As stated before;
"The honour code"
Following of the Server's intent of being a "Competition" server.

Competition is not meant to be a walk in the park, it's 'meant' to be a struggle between two or more competitor's to best each other.
If you have a problem with thievery, out smart the thief. That's all there is to it and it will remain competition.
01/05, 2011 04:01PM Miklos 1 post
Chuck you are complaining about thing you do yourself. Today you went stealing my fizzy drinks from the beginning in toy world game around 2 pm middle europeian time. It hapens to me all the time. I have never used others secondary products. Maybe I will start doing it since its geting more and more comon.
01/05, 2011 05:32PM JStaxton 162 posts
As long as there is no rule against it, its definitely allowed! So even if a player doesn't like the thought discussed here, he could decide to do it nonetheless in order to win the game.

So please consider both sides and give us your opinion! I value this topic.

Have fun
01/07, 2011 09:21PM ShagNBuD 21 posts
if you dont want someone taking your secondary goods...take the primary goods really is that simple,thats why the key word is needs the primary goods to exist...take them elsewhere and they cease to be