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12/01, 2009 02:09PM Aerox 2 posts
Is there anything that can be done about such a thing?

12/02, 2009 04:53PM JStaxton 162 posts
Hello Aerox,

I think its clear that this is blocking and unfair competition.
So it was player "Timbo" playing the company "deutsche Bahn" ??

Its hard to give the serever enough intelligence to divide between not blocking/blocking and un/fair competition.
So the only way to handle that is Kick/Ban. (as you said in the title)

Let us hope that Ed or Wakoo will take the next steps from here on...

12/03, 2009 12:36AM Ed le fou 161 posts

The only way to prevent this is IP banning the unfair player.
The problem is : some player has a non-static IPs, and will come back later.

Btw, i didn't know that trams could crash trains.


12/04, 2009 03:29PM Aerox 2 posts
Hi guys, thanks for the fast response.

Yes it was Timbo with the Deutsche Bahn company. If he has a dynamic ip i can see that poses a problem. Shit happens i gues.

And btw, no a metro cant block a train. Laughed my ass off when he parked it on the track :twisted:
02/07, 2010 08:40AM Fryse 16 posts
still, a train that crush a bus or a tram thingy, will get poor reputation, so the %thingy u got on the stations connected to theese towns get down, so u get less cargo/passengars... very much down.. down to 8% or something like that, compared to usual 75-90%. Atleast this is so for passengars/mail route. Not sure for cargo, when ive never experienced it in cargo.. or was that only train to train crash when signalligts are removed so trains crash? Hmm, now i got unsecure here, but anyhow, i guess its not positive to crush trams with his trains.

Did a litle test now, in solo player, and yes, the %thingy was set from 75% -> 8% when my train rammed my bus, wich i placed there to test.. Bad for reputation, bad for buisniss, and bad if there are serveral others fightning for the cargo.
02/09, 2010 08:11PM UA TRANS 27 posts
[u][b]Fryse 07/02/2010 08:40:39 Subject: Re:Ban/kick request [/b] WROTE Not sure for cargo, when ive never experienced it in cargo.. [/u]

yes. this rule works for cargo too... and it is easier to build new station...
because reputation grows up too slow after crashing....