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11/07, 2009 05:03AM JStaxton 162 posts
and again Finky,

I would have won the game. but thx to him...
see Screens please. I warned him not to do that, twice.
He wont listen...

It happened short before the game ended, because he saw that I was winning.

So Finky, this is the second time you behave yourself unfair against others. You tricked even when I warned you just before in the situation with Cow101! I dont know what to say... I propose the deletion of all points from Finky for being unfair twice in a row, even when warned.

Thanks for your patience.
Finky1.JPG: CV graph and Train lists of both players, 137 downloads.
Finky2.JPG: the chat log just before game end, 116 downloads.
11/19, 2009 10:34PM UA TRANS 27 posts
I was really surprised!!!!!

He did you catch him?!!?!?

But Finky's unfair play is obvious :(
11/20, 2009 07:12AM Wakoo 49 posts
Well he was heavy terraforming when i log on the other day, we will take care of him with ed.