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11/06, 2009 03:05AM Cow101 11 posts
why finky?
11/06, 2009 03:50AM Cow101 11 posts

still blocks me, pisses me off by not removing it so it's just staying there, im hoping that a mod drive by and kick/reset him
Update #2 says no to unblock.
well im done no one there just lost the game
had a nice lead then thx to him lost it
11/06, 2009 08:35AM Wakoo 49 posts
Thanks a lot for your report, we will tell you once measure as been taken :).
11/07, 2009 12:57AM Cow101 11 posts
again thx, also I lost my company due to that:(
11/07, 2009 01:26AM Cow101 11 posts
he's blocking me again
11/07, 2009 03:11AM JStaxton 162 posts
Hello there,

I spoke to Cow101 and Finky on the server, and both agreed to play fair from now on. Situation was that both players were in hard competition and began blocking each other, in order to minimize the opponents profit.

Both confirmed that the situation has been cleared.

Thx guys for that! And now back to (ottd) business.