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10/13, 2009 07:18PM JStaxton 162 posts
Hello Mods,

I had a problem with the player BOBAN. He blocked me in the early stage of the game when i competed with him on a coalmine.
When I took the picture, i had to build another station platform to gain access.
I told him to read the rules, but nothing happened for a long time...

Pls take the nessessary steps... I was realy unhappy because of this behavior.
He also used very bad language, I think thats not good reputation for the serer as well.

10/13, 2009 08:23PM Wakoo 49 posts
There are still no moderator, we will post a recrutment call soon, it should prevent this disagrement in the future. There were an undocumented bug with the attachments, we are unable to get it... I'm gonna send a warning personally, but as long as we don't have player watching for this kind of issue, it will still be a problem.

Thanks for your comprehension, don't hesitate to post again in case of another problem with this player.
10/13, 2009 09:58PM Ed le fou 160 posts
This is a attachement test.
openttd.48.png: openttd48, 103 downloads.
10/13, 2009 11:19PM JStaxton 162 posts
and again the picture in question:
block.JPG, 103 downloads.