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06/23, 2011 08:03PM Professor 1 post
I was a big fan of this server, I played there about year ago (unfortunately I lost my credentials -.-') and it was full of people..
Where did they go? Why is nobody there?
07/03, 2011 11:01AM Cargorailways 1 post
I cannot create a company. it become close and I have to wait. this is terrible. I hope it become chance... else -- forget this server
07/29, 2011 04:10PM JStaxton 162 posts
Yes, unfortunately we had lots of technical difficulties with the goal bot. Hopefully this server will find itself packed with people once again. Ed the admin is preparing a major update for the server...

08/04, 2011 02:35PM Ed le fou 161 posts
Hi everybody, just to say i'm aware of the problem and working on it.
I don't want to give ETA since i'm not sure to keep them, but work is fairly advanced now.
The goal is before the 1.1.2 out.

08/28, 2011 09:50AM Michael Milligan 24 posts
I am sad too that there are no people here. I still have been playing because I like the settings.

I have noticed a lot of changes to the game since last here, including none-uniform stations, and I think, high bridges. Can someone list off some of the major feature changes? I would be very interested. :)
09/01, 2011 10:13AM Ed le fou 161 posts

Recently, a very few changes were made on the scenarios. The only one is reducing the number of industries in toyland.
About the quantity of players: I'm gonna remove the login obligation before creating a company.
09/03, 2011 08:52AM Michael Milligan 24 posts
But that is why I play here.
09/05, 2011 08:59AM Ed le fou 161 posts
Do you mean it's important to forbid company creation before login ?
Eventually, allowing it for 3 months only could be an alternative.
At the end of the third month the company will be kicked if not logged.
09/08, 2011 05:56AM Michael Milligan 24 posts
Oh, ok. :) I thought you were getting rid of logins completely.
12/26, 2011 02:05PM respi 1 post
Always as I enter the game, server creates me a company, and than immediately throw me out and says next company can be estabilished in 90 days. Now I'm the only player in the game(there is no company) and the time doesn't go.
What should I do?