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12/24, 2013 11:06AM nekrich 1 post
Can't start a company. I noticed few reports already, but because I am not sure if this is the same bug, so I am opening a new post.
Whenever I want to create a company, it bankrupts it and tells me that I have to wait 90 days, etc.

If this server is being abandoned, could someone point me to similar one?

Thumbs up for else a great server (no one-way, hard ....)
12/26, 2013 01:46PM rotten 1 post
Hey.. I have the same problem..
02/03, 2014 07:57PM Ed le fou 161 posts

I have found and fixed this bug :

When you where joining the game with the 'nex company' button, the company was dropped and you couldn't start a new one.

I'm not sure you have the same problem, tough.

It's not possible to create a new company before 90 days have passed to forbid cheatters to create a lot of companies to abuse of terraforming.

Have fun,