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07/29, 2012 01:52AM martinho9000 10 posts
there is a new bug. if you join the sever your company will be closed. so make sure that you join the server as a spectator and than fund a company. this should solve the problem.
07/29, 2012 02:21AM martinho9000 10 posts
i forgot to tell, if you are the only one on the sever the game will be stoped. but after your company was cloesed down you have to wait 90 days to open another company. to bad when the game is on hold...
08/17, 2012 04:33PM Ed le fou 161 posts
Ok, thank you for these details.

I will find a fix for this quickly.
02/03, 2014 07:59PM Ed le fou 161 posts
Hi, the first one is OK.