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07/22, 2012 02:48AM martinho9000 10 posts
please reboot the server Ed.
07/23, 2012 03:12PM martinho9000 10 posts
well the sever is pretty buggy. a new game has started. but when i entered the game and founded a new company the server cloesed it down immediately. now i am not allowed to found another company until 1.april. there are no other players so the sever stoped again. it is waiting for other players.

the sever says: Company 0 creation rejected: Only one company every 90 days is allowed (01 April 1962)

it is impossible for me to found a company! :-(

a login doesn't resolve the problem
07/28, 2012 04:11AM martinho9000 10 posts
same problem again. can't a company...
08/17, 2012 04:31PM Ed le fou 161 posts
Hi martin,

I see your problem here, i will try to reproduce it and find a workaround.

See you,

09/03, 2012 11:01PM Zek 15 posts
Reboot the server, please.
09/12, 2012 09:35PM qwerty123 1 post
PLZ help, why i can't start game? press new company, but game not start :(