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11/18, 2011 07:01PM JStaxton 162 posts
Hi Ed,

unfortunately the game bot doesn't do his job in ending the game after 10years. Could you restart and check it?
I can't login ingame to kick it.
I can't restart via site because when I'm logged in at the site and click the "Stop" button in the moderation section it says Im not logged in...

Probably this is due to the new site, soon enough it will all run smoothly again.
Thanks in advance
11/23, 2011 12:13PM Ed le fou 161 posts

I didn't have the logs of that problem, but i have seen it after it appends.
Like you, i was unable to restart the game from work because of a bug with the moderation.
The bug is now fixed, i still don't know why the game stucked.

11/25, 2011 07:18PM JStaxton 162 posts
thx for answering, again Ed.
I will try the restart option as soon as the situation arises again.