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01/21, 2011 03:31PM Mutant 13 posts
I get this error message:
Loading your Savegame caused ottd to crash. This is probably caused by a corruption in the save game.

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01/21, 2011 05:04PM JStaxton 162 posts
I got the same problem here...

I remember we had this trouble some time ago, too... hm
dont know what was the problem though.

01/23, 2011 03:11PM muhku 4 posts
Same problem... also the game shows that in the game there is 1 company and 1 player but game time doesn't seem to progress, lobby showed 4 years and after 2 hours when I tried again it was still 4 years and was the same game. But the company doesn't have players in it so I guess the bot counts as one player...
01/23, 2011 04:39PM Chuck 16 posts
Same problem for me :(