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01/19, 2011 02:29PM Mutant 13 posts
Yesterday (18.1, GMT+1), I somehow got a wrong playername ingame.
I was not listed as 'Mutant', but as 'respi', who seems to be another player.
When I recognized it, I relogged and was 'Mutant' again.

But it happend again (cant recall if it was another game or if I had relogged) and I think, that I even finished a game as 'respi'.
01/19, 2011 04:18PM Ed le fou 161 posts

Can be a bug around the 'login token', you can check your game's history to be sure if you want.

01/19, 2011 04:25PM Mutant 13 posts
yeah, seems that i finished my game yesterday as respi...
you meant checking history in leaderboard, didnt u? (btw, i cant see leaderboard in firefox ... can i fix this somehow)

thank u and greetins,
02/01, 2011 07:35PM Mutant 13 posts
today again i logged in and had another username ingame

dunno if that goes together but i had the 'more than 9 month bug' when i tried to create another company after going bancrupt.