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01/17, 2011 08:32PM donclaude 7 posts
Hello Admin

Thanks for the new game settings!
But there is a bug ( i think JStaxton fixed it) with the station settings:

If I build a station, per exampel 3 fields long
and after a while i make it longer with the 2 field option
then is 5 fields long.
And later i will do the second track so i do it 5 fields long.
But this isnt possible because settings do not agree misshapen station.
So point 1:
i must destroy the old station! ( im unhappy about that)
but point 2:
there stay a rest from the old station, so i cant build a new one.

Please fix it or better make it like before!

Greet DonClaude
01/19, 2011 03:57AM muhku 4 posts

First, very very much thanks for hosting this really really cool server! Second, I was just playing until I got a similar bug - if I understand correctly. This went as follows:

1. I made a 5x1 train station which I later expanded with 2 tiles to make it 7x1.

2. After a while i wanted a 7x2 station and couldn't expand because server didn't allow non-symmetric stations.

3. So I bombed the whole thing... only problem was that the game destroyed ONLY 4 tiles of the station, and in the other end there stayed a 3x1 station (??? doesn't make any sense), which didn't have a name and wasn't selectable iirc.

4. When I tried bombing that one the game crashed.

5. If I try to rejoin the server, the game crashes again. :( Seems that no one else had a crash problem though.

6. About 15-30 minutes (?) later I rejoined the server normally and the 3x1 station was still there. And then it got weird. See picture. The station didn't have a name tag at all, that's just a sign seen in the picture.

7. Continued game as normal, didn't try to bomb the Magical Station again for fear it might turn the universe upside down. :P

ps. calimero actually managed to make a working non-symmetrical station in the same game. I forgot to take a screenshot of that.

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01/19, 2011 02:20PM Mutant 13 posts
i had the exact same problem as the first post, too
01/19, 2011 04:22PM Ed le fou 161 posts

I have already seen this bug, but it's in openttd, i can't really do anything against it.

A 'working' scenario would be to avoid expanding a station in length.

Allways destroy it, this way, when you will enlarge it (add a line) the game will work...

Since the 1.0 there is more and more bugs in openttd.

01/20, 2011 07:11PM donclaude 7 posts
I Think you must do the old settings, because the server crashed one time because that.
It happend that the destroyed part will owned by another player and accept things who are not in near.
Thats a big bug!
02/03, 2011 01:18AM calimero 21 posts
[quote]ps. calimero actually managed to make a working non-symmetrical station in the same game. I forgot to take a screenshot of that[/quote]

How I did:
- Made a 3x1 station
- Expanded to 5x1
- Wanted to expand to 5x2 but not working so I bombed
- Rebuilt a 5x1 by expanding the little peace of station that was still here after bombing
- Extended the station to 5x1 + 3x1 and it worked
It seems that when this bug occurs the game still considers that a station has the original size and not the actual one after expansion.