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08/16, 2010 07:36PM Maximillion 1 post
please fix your server, its the best by far & has been stuck for 4 days, HELP
08/17, 2010 11:57AM JStaxton 162 posts
Hello there,

sry I didnt reply faster, Im on vacation.
I tried to restart the server, but it seems to me the connection via the website is broken, so I cant do nothing about it.

Im going to try to contact Ed or Wakoo about. Perhaps they are kind of busy right now and didnt notice the server problems.


ps.: I will update the life time NewSkillSystem leaderboard today... keep up the playing (when the server with goal bot is up again :) )
08/17, 2010 01:27PM emmett 4 posts
[quote=Maximillion]please fix your server, its the best by far & has been stuck for 4 days, HELP
[/quote]plz get server running again :cry:
08/18, 2010 12:42PM JStaxton 162 posts
Hey ya,

It seems to be working again! Come and join the server, the goal bot awaits you!

And check out the update on the life time ranking of the NewSkillSystem!

08/19, 2010 06:32PM JStaxton 162 posts

I was wrong! When the server should switch to the next map ist seems to freeze... later ist crashed completely I guess. I cannot do anything from here now, I'm sry guys! We need the help of Ed or Wakoo.

Unfortunately I couldn't contact one of them because I dont have my computer here on vacation too... So no mail, nor Messenger Contact details. Anyway, I guess both of them are on vacation too, since there both french and its major vacation time in France.

Ed and Wakoo: If you read this, please help!!
08/20, 2010 10:34AM JStaxton 162 posts

the server looks OK for now... I dont know if Ed did something here... but it seems to be working again. Or maybe the server just reacted slow on my restart command.

have fun everyone!