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04/17, 2010 09:51PM rexis 5 posts
Sometimes game has ended and have winner , but it isn't counted to LeaderBoard .
Nobody gets points to LeaderBorad .
It hapend many times .
04/18, 2010 08:19PM UA TRANS 27 posts
Hi guys!!!

Rexis is right!!!

New system of points accounting does'nt work...

It's a pity...

04/18, 2010 10:47PM Ed le fou 161 posts

I will look into it. Thank you for reporting.

Ed le fou.
04/21, 2010 11:07AM UA TRANS 27 posts

before 11 a.m. on April, 21 Desertic game finished...
I took 160 points because started twice later than winner and got 50% of CV
But server did not took it in account after game...
Score table in the end of game was ok... I was logged well...
The reason OF NOT ACCOUNTING for me is unknown...

Before this game in general table I had 1127 points, 16 plays (7 wins)
in desertic table I had 299 points, 5 plays (2 wins).

Please check the information I wrote and correct the tamle if it is possible.

Thanks you in advance

04/23, 2010 01:01PM UA TRANS 27 posts
Hi guys!

and again...

I won the arctic game before 13 p.m. on April 23-d...

100 points server did not count....

do not know what to do...

04/23, 2010 02:15PM UA TRANS 27 posts
And the next game I finished as winner at 14:09 PM on April 23rd...

as you see in attached file panel screen with players score...

And on the Leadorbaord I have 0 wins...
14-09-23-04-10.bmp, 46 downloads.
05/02, 2010 03:52PM rexis 5 posts

When it will be fixed ?

It become irritated .

Today I play 2 games and none was counted , yestarday 2 from 4 .

05/08, 2010 05:05PM UA TRANS 27 posts
I thought that in 1.0.1 version this bug was fixed...

But not..

I just took 91 points in Steam age.... but have zero...

it's a pity...
05/18, 2010 01:02AM janosikj 2 posts
today 200-300 missing points from games

there is some problem with arctic land all other seems to work normal
05/23, 2010 12:58AM janosikj 2 posts
today again play 5 games 5 victories but 3 of them doesnt show in leader board whats the problem with counting?

i m missing one artic, one toyland and one steam game
05/23, 2010 12:03PM JStaxton 162 posts
Hello janosik and all the others,

I hope Ed reads this and will fix it as soon has he can. We have to be patient. When the next big updates for the leaderboard comes it comes with the new skill system (level) and hopefully will fix that points count bug.

We'll keep you updated.
Im sry, that I cant do much more right now.

12/21, 2010 02:05PM JStaxton 162 posts
[b]Zyga39 said on 13/07/2010 18:08:43 [/b]

i was playing yesterday evening and finished on second place and won 97 points. When i checked leaderboard no points has been added. What is wrong?
In game was 2 other players.

[b]TheMan said on 09/11/2010 19:51:37 [/b]
I dont know why , but my points never refresh. I have been played more than 2 games and in the leaderboard said just 2 and only.My nickname is "TheMan".Well cya in game , and sorry for my bad english
12/21, 2010 02:06PM JStaxton 162 posts
This Bug has been fixed!

Bug Fix : Game not counting
Server Version
Good news : the very annoying "game not counting bug" is not any more !

Have fun.
Ed le fou 14/12/2010 20:09:33
01/04, 2011 08:32PM UA TRANS 27 posts
Hi guys!!!

The leaderboard did not count the first win in new performance system...
I won that game. Wakoo saw it. It was Arctic. In the end the table was:
UA TRANS - 100.0 - points to leaderboard
other players - 0.0 - points to leaderboard

And Wakoo said that it is a bug - that other players will take 0.0 points.
Of course I agree that it is bug that uor pleyrs did not get any points for first game.
But anyway I did not take mu 100 points for first won game too.
I would like to ask to correct as the bug as the result in a leaderboard table.

Sincerelly yours,

01/04, 2011 08:42PM JStaxton 162 posts
I'll make a list post to summarize the problems with the new Performance system.

This bug will be added.