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01/20, 2011 02:34PM misatoqq 10 posts
Hi JS, this night when we playing, some player has use such sign around his station. See attachment.
Does it allowed?
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01/20, 2011 08:03PM JStaxton 162 posts
Hi misatoqq,

I think this is critical, but I would not completely forbid the use of these "buy land" signs.

rule 2 states:
#2: No blockage, respect, each other ! Don't build useless structures ! [b]No reserving[/b] ! No rating exploit !

So the usage is allowed when the aforementioned rule is respected. Under that light I would not warn or sanction the above usage seen in the posted pictures, because there was no direct blocking or reserving that neglected building profitable structures by an opponent.
But there are situations when using "buy land" signs are clearly forbidden:
1. don't use "buy land" signs in a city to prevent opponent from building a good station! (e.g. in the center of the city). This would be considered reserving.
2. don't use "buy land" signs to block strategic landmarks or spaces, where an opponent could build essential infrastructure for his/her network. (e.g. buying land directly behind/before bridges, on narrow land passageways or sth like that. This would be consideres blocking.

so there are several questions when deciding: Are the opponents disadvantaged in an unfair way? If yes, one has to balance the future interests of the opponents to the immediate interest of the buyer; [b]Is there an easy alternative for the opponents?[/b] Is the buyer going to build upon the sign land in near future or is he just reserving indefinitely?

Thats my thoughts on this subjects, what are yours?

01/21, 2011 03:34PM Mutant 13 posts
I interpreted 'no reserving' that it is completley forbidden to reserve, not only if it harms others.
01/22, 2011 05:57AM misatoqq 10 posts
hi JS, in my opinion, every building has its own usage in the game. Sometime it can be used for good and sometime can be used for crime. It is difficult to describe one usage is proper or not, from different player's own views. So I'm very agree your opinion.

I think players may be more human, tolerant and patience. It will makes game more funny and intensely. It is only a game.....
01/23, 2011 02:21AM Michael Milligan 24 posts
I always interpreted that rule just as Mutant. Perhaps the rule needs rewording, or just dump it because we really only need "no blocking".

01/23, 2011 03:19PM muhku 4 posts
I also understood that you just simply can't use the 'buy land' option. Perhaps it is easier to just ban the buy land signs altogether. They don't really have any other uses other than those that are considered "blocking", or preventing other player's blocking, do they? At least I can't think of any. :?:

I'm quite new here, so sorry if my mouth is too loud :D but I think there should not be rules which allow for as much interpretation. So it could be made more clear what is allowed and what is not. For example it could be allowed to buy land 1 or 2 tiles away from a station which is in use by the buyer, or something like that. For buying land I can't think of any such use which is NOT considered "blocking" or "reserving" other than preventing other players from blocking your own stations, which is forbidden anyway. But one could always try to make sure one can expand your own station even if someone wants to compete with you near a certain industry, although so far I haven't had any need for that on this server.