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01/19, 2011 02:15PM Mutant 13 posts

i really like the server, but I am new to this community and have a little question concerning build-costs.
I was wondering, why building bridges is cheaper than a little bit of terraforming.

I mean, I understand that expensive terraforming is a way to make the game more challenging, which I appreciate.
But bridges should be a bit more expensive then, too. Atm I prefer building a long bridge instead of doing one little terraform, just because it is cheaper.

Please excuse me, if this has been discussed already and if my english is not too well.
01/19, 2011 07:43PM JStaxton 162 posts
I experienced the same, when I played recently...
Therefore I agree to highten the building cost of bridges as well. Maybe Wakoo or Ed could modify the costmodding a little bit.