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01/18, 2011 09:22AM misatoqq 10 posts
hi JStaxton, If the game turns the inflation option off, it will be more realistic in company performance. because if the inflation is on, every year your company will earn more money than last year(in common), and the game has a deadline.
so I think it is good idea to turn the inflation off. What do you think of it?
01/18, 2011 07:02PM JStaxton 162 posts
Hi and thanks for your suggestion,

the game has a deadline nevertheless:
even with disabled inflation you are earning more money when better trains are available, or when towns get bigger or overall production increases... so disabling inflation would only shift the game balance a bit.

But I like new ideas so, I'd like to hear others opinions as well on this matter... what do you all think of this?

And please misatoqq: keep these ideas coming, it always forces us to rethink current rules and scenario, that cant be a bad thing! :)

01/22, 2011 05:39AM misatoqq 10 posts
the other idea is raise the goal level, from 400 to 450, even 500. the game ends so quickly, some time we even have not build great transport network. Somebody says it would be 800, even :)
But not high level makes game more intense, I know.
year 2010 passed, how about caculate the score of last year, en?
01/23, 2011 03:35PM muhku 4 posts
Loan amount is fixed so it's more difficult to get into the game if you start later than others, if inflation is on. It's difficult anyway though.