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01/12, 2011 11:49PM JStaxton 162 posts
Hi everyone,

I tried the recently activated airplanes but its very very hard! Even if you have the money you will have a disadvantage because until that time your opponents may have used their money on more "cp rated" things...
I also tried the "plane strategy" as a starter on desert and high speed maps with no success. In desert its just not profitable enough. On high speed you cant even build the big airports due to the noise concern!

I think we should consider changing something with the airplanes: the problem is the noise level...
we could lower this limitation by setting the permissiveness of a town in the cfg file... that way the airport stays expensive but i will be possible.
(keep in mind that you need a large airport because all slow planes are expired...)
note cfg options: town_noise_population)

see for more info

What do you think of it?
01/14, 2011 08:56PM Michael Milligan 24 posts
Agreed. I used up all my money once terraforming to lay an airport only to find out I could because of noise. I'm not really a plane person to begin with, but it they are in the game they should at least be workable, right?
01/15, 2011 12:18AM Ed le fou 161 posts
Hi everyone,

I don't think that airplane can make a good starter, whatever the situation. (Coal train is almost allways good starter.)

I know that airplane are profitable only if the 2 cities aren't too far (mind the breakdowns) or too close.

The point of the town_noise parameter, is too encourage a realistic airport construction outside of the cities (even for the smallest airport). The side effect is, bigger airport as to be even more distant of the city.

Of course this value can be adjusted. I will make some test about the minimum distance by airport size, to see if everything is working.

Ed le fou.
03/23, 2011 06:32AM calimero 21 posts
Maybe it could be good to set the small airports always available, they are easier to construct.

After some tests with the planes I came to the conclusion that they are actually not usable.

- For delivering goods it looses money in all cases.
- Helicopters: just forget it, they are pure money burners.
- Big planes: the big airports are a pain to construct, and you have to use feeders that will kill your min profit. Too hard to setup.
- The unique option left where you have a chance to be profitable is to use small planes for servicing two middle distance cities. It makes a little money - less than a good train - and can be all right if the planes have a good reliability. But the main problem is the crashes. A plane always crash at a moment or another. In a game I bought 8 planes and in a few years 6 crashed (small planes for small airport of course), making me think it is really stupid to use planes here. Even if you want planes just for the fun these crashes will lead you to hate them. Sometimes when a newcomer starts a company and goes on planes like on any easy server the experimented players are kidding about the inevitable crash that will happen, and it always does.

What about reducing the crashes or turn them off? This would be a step to plane usability on this server. At least we could use them just for the fun without being pissed off by the normal behavior of the planes that is to finish all crashed.