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01/12, 2011 05:07AM misatoqq 10 posts
I suggest the skill score system is caculate from this:
it will be balanced from played games and winning rate.
01/12, 2011 08:44PM JStaxton 162 posts
Hi misatoqq,

thank you for participating in the discussion around the score and the skill system. But in order to contribute to the current system you need to meet some requirements first:
- Understand that there is a difference in the score system and the upcoming skill system
- read the documentation of the NewSkillSystem and ask about it, until you understand it fully
- If you want to add something or change something to the NewSkillSystem please describe what you don't like and why. Describe your solution more explicitly and describe why you think your way is good. This way we all can understand the background and come to the same conclusion.
- Optional, but advised: Download the latest version of the NewSkillSystem spreadsheet and look into it (with OpenOffice). try to understand the charts.

So, in short: I like your suggestion, but I don't understand why you think the upcoming system is not good.


ps.: please use the correct topic (NewSkillSystem) to discuss changes and suggestions.
01/14, 2011 11:28AM misatoqq 10 posts
thanks JS, I have read the NewSkillSystem, it is really good and I want see it running.
btw, why does the server bot not work for these days?