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11/07, 2009 05:17AM JStaxton 162 posts
Hello there,

This is the second time I (finished in 2nd place) am getting more points then my competitor who just won the game.
(in screen ignore that the one who won is Finky, he won by cv-push-by-train-buying)

Just wondered...
What is the formula to award to points? Just something like winner getting 100+(difference from last spot)? And other players getting their amount of goal% in relation to the time the winner needed?

Points = goal% / (played time/winners time)


edit: maybe this post can be moved to "General Discussion"
11/07, 2009 11:35AM Ed le fou 161 posts

Yes it's exactly this formula.

But i'm going to limit the game to 100pt.

Points = (playerGoal%/winnerGoal%)*100 / (playerTime / winnerTime)

Ed le fou
11/07, 2009 12:06PM JStaxton 162 posts
Hello Ed,

thx for your answer!
Just to clarify: As I understand the formula, only the winners points are limited to 100. When a player is astoundingly fast with his goal% then he may get a lot more than 100points when he finishes in 2nd place.
But on the other side: I like that a lot: awarding points for growth (goal% per time) is a lot better than awarding points just for goal% places.

Thx Ed, I like your new formula!

01/13, 2010 04:23PM cmansjoe 5 posts
I had a other thing with the points:

I started 5 years later, and won at the end with a close call.

2nd place had 98% but only awarded with 52 points.


01/14, 2010 09:29AM Ed le fou 161 posts
The second player only had 52pt, because he used around twice the time you used to reach 98% of the goal.