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02/14, 2011 08:52PM calimero 21 posts
It happened often that an industry disappear before you can deliver something to it. It is a very anoying when it happens at a moment that you built a line and wait for the money to buy you first vehicule. This can even ruin a game if the player had a strategy based on this industry.

In the last game I had an oil tanker boat that delivered to a refinery his first load. Immediatly after the refinery closed, ruining my business (I just started my company and this was my unique income). How is this possible?

Would it be possible to change this behavior to no closing of industries in the server configuration?
02/15, 2011 04:19PM JStaxton 162 posts
Personally I like this behavior,

because it creates random events that sometimes have a negative effect for the player and sometimes positive one, e.g. it can open new industry and make some new good starting locations for incoming players...

02/15, 2011 09:08PM calimero 21 posts
Opening is good I agree, but closing is bad when it ruins a player's strategy or even the whole game.
02/15, 2011 10:39PM JStaxton 162 posts
You cant have one without the other...