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01/19, 2011 12:43PM ShagNBuD 21 posts
leaderboard failed to update a game i won today on counted but not win...i was gana cry then realised its not that big a deal lol
01/19, 2011 12:46PM ShagNBuD 21 posts
just re entered the server and it is the exact same map as last time...toyland map exactly the same identical in every way even production amounts lol
01/19, 2011 02:06PM Mutant 13 posts
goal bot got hicup...
doomed to play toyland forever :D
01/20, 2011 03:10AM ShagNBuD 21 posts
XD my least favourite map
01/20, 2011 05:57PM Mutant 13 posts
if only the map would not give cancer to my bleeding eyes ;D