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01/07, 2011 07:03AM ShagNBuD 21 posts
had a problem today on the desert map where an oil refinery said it would supply goods but not accept oil...maybe something to look into
01/07, 2011 04:57PM Scav911 3 posts
Next time make screenshots plz, Bud.
01/07, 2011 09:24PM ShagNBuD 21 posts
point taken,sorry and thanks
01/08, 2011 08:52PM Scav911 3 posts

Saw this "thing" yesterday, but it was new (just pop-upped) industry and it takes few days to get more "production power" from 0.
01/09, 2011 11:06AM ShagNBuD 21 posts
i dont even know what your trying to say,could you rephrase it?
01/09, 2011 05:33PM Scav911 3 posts
Your oil refinery was just founded (newely opened) and in few game days it would accept oil.
02/16, 2011 06:56PM respi 1 post
the server hass not restarted for 50 game years