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10/09, 2010 01:36AM ozgur 2 posts
The guy jahlmeen first blocked me then used two useless stations just to damage my business.
Screenshots attached.

I see no admins around? How do we prevent these players in this beautiful server?

PS: At the second screenshot he blocked my bridge, then he restructured as if he was doing
something useful.
ozgur Transport, 25th Apr 1966.png: jahlmeen-1, 45 downloads.
ozgur Transport, 8th Apr 1969.png, 49 downloads.
10/09, 2010 02:07AM ozgur 2 posts
And the same guy again...
Aleksi blocking.PNG: rails different co., 49 downloads.
10/10, 2010 09:42PM JStaxton 162 posts
hello there,

Im sorry to hear that cheaters and haters are around again.
Normally a kick those players immediately when I'm on the server watching you guys play... Unfortunately im not online ingame that often these days. But you could do one thing:

You can try to contact me when someone is cheating, blocking or when the server is down or any other game related problem:
[b]ICQ : 138674268
AIM : jonathanstaxton
MSN : jonathan mnemonic
gmail : jonathan.staxton[/b]

pls dont abuse that info!
Any commercial use or use for advertisement is strictly forbidden!