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09/20, 2010 07:32PM emmett 4 posts

i dont understand why when ive won games like 2 hours ago i won, but no win on leaderboard or points, logged in this is the third time this has happened pls help

12/06, 2010 03:20AM martinho9000 10 posts
happens with me too!

especialy durring november and december... something like 15 wins durring november didn´t count... don´t know why :(
and it seems that this months the problem will be the same. JStaxton is informed... he thinks it´s a problem with the login... we will see what is going to happen about that...
12/13, 2010 01:40PM Ed le fou 161 posts

As i said here : [url][/url]

I'm working on it.